Cracked Ice
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What's Inside Cracked Ice: Figure Skating's Inner World?

Have you ever wondered:

  • Who named the "kiss and cry"?
  • Which judges have been sanctioned for bias or poor judging? (And how many of these names can you recognize from the ranks of judges or officials active today?)
  • When and why were the compulsory figures eliminated from competition?
  • How was the short program born?
  • How do ISU officials campaign amongst themselves?
  • How did the ISU judges' seminars come to be?
  • How did the ISU decide to suspend the Soviet federation in 1977?
  • And what mistake did the Soviet federation make that exposed their procedures and triggered the suspension?
  • When she was the Olympic referee, what was Sonia's last-minute communication to Brian Orser before he skated his 1988 Olympic short program?
  • Why is subjectivity vital in judging figure skating?
  • What was the first year the ISU had a lawyer review their TV contract before they signed it?
  • What was the first year a treasurer was appointed to handle the ISU finances?
  • How do others attempt to bribe ISU officials? Read about an attempt at bribery.
  • What is Ottavio Cinquanta's background, and how did he rise to ISU power?
  • What laxness on the part of the ISU led to the 2002 Olympic pair judging scandal in Salt Lake City?


  • How does the ISU push one of its own out of power?

Sonia Bianchetti Garbato recounts how it was done to her, step by unbelievable step.