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March 2018
A Wonderful Championship

April 2017
Helsinki 2017: An Unforgettable World Championship

December 2016
The 2016 Grand Prix Final

April 2016
A Wonderful World Championship, Boston 2016

December 2015
The 2015 Grand Prix Final

December 2014
The 2014 Grand Prix Final

February 2014
The 2014 Olympic Games

February 2014
The Team Trophy -- Sochi 2014

January 2014
The 2014 European Championships

November 2013
Trophée Eric Bompard

October 2013
Number of revolutions versus creativity: two opposing worlds

March 2013
A wonderful World Championships

January 2013
The 2013 European Championships

November 2012
The 2012 Eric Bompard Trophy

October 2012
Skate Canada 2012

March 2012
Letter from Sonia to Hall of Fame Nominating Committee
Email message from Dick Button referenced in Sonia's letter

February 2012
Open Letter to World Figure Skating Hall of Fame Members
Clarification re an Email Message from Dr. Mondschein

February 2012
2012 European Championships

December 2011
The 2011 Grand Prix Final

November 2011
A Good Idea

October 2011
Sport or art? It is time to decide

May 2011
Wonderful Worlds

February 2011
In the deep freeze

November 2010
Falling stars

September 2010
Absolute judging: a utopian delusion

April 2010
New stars on the horizon

February 2010
The Magic of the Olympic Games

October 2009
Lights and Shadows in Paris

May 2009
Cost savings at ISU events

April 2009
A few thoughts

January 2009
A glimpse of hope?

October 2008
New blood needed in the ISU

March 2008
Lights and shadows at the Scandinavium

February 2008
What Else? The Endless List of Flaws in the IJS

December 2007
A World Without Sky

November 2007
No Stars Shining in Paris

October 2007
A Challenge For All of Us

October 2007
A Tragic Comedy

June 2007
The White Papers of Figure Skating: Responses to the open letter to Ottavio Cinquanta. PDF format Microsoft Word format

April 2007
The Most Important Feature of Our Sport Is Its Art [Interview]

March 2007
Response to Lauren Gilchrist's article of March 6: "New Judging system removes politics from skating world"

February 2007
Open letter to Ottavio Cinquanta

October 2006
Ideas for Change

October 2006
Music: The Magic of Figure Skating

March 2006
No Passion lived at the Palavela: The 2006 Olympic Games in Torino

January 2006
What is left of the art of Figure Skating?

November 2005
Mao Asada and the Olympic Games

November 2005
Fratianne-Poetzsch: Clearing the Record

August 2005
Another Monster: Comments on ISU Communication 1327 — The OAC Commission

March 2005
The ISU's Easter Egg

March 2005
Moscow: An Unforgettable Championship

March 2005
An Unlucky Day

February 2005
Personal comments on the ISU press release on the ISU Judging system in place for ISU Championships

February 2005
Some More on the New Judging System

February 2005
The New Judging System: A Flop

April 2004
Personal Comments on ISU Communication 1257 and ISU Press Release Dated April 16, 2004

February 2004
Personal Comments to the ISU Press Release on the New Judging System

August 2003
"The ISU 'Code of Points' Computerized Judging System", a critique prepared for the World Skating Federation