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Cracked Ice is the first book to go behind the scenes with stories about the powerful decision makers in of the sport of figure skating. It is the first true insider's look at those who rule the sport and its money. It's about the politics, the intrigues and the backroom deals behind the most glamorous of sports.

Yet despite the scandals and intrigues, Cracked Ice is foremost the story of a remarkable woman and her dedication to the sport she loves. Whether recounting the beginnings of figure skating programs in Japan and China or praising memorable programs she has judged, Sonia Bianchetti's respect and affection for the skating world resound from every page.

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Sonia's Story

In the days when there were no women in power in the International Skating Union (ISU), Italy's Sonia Bianchetti became the first. Her ISU career has spanned the last 40 years and she has witnessed, and often shaped, the upheavals the sport has undergone in that time.

Sonia led the modernization of the sport over the years: she fought for the deletion of the compulsory figures, which finally occurred in 1990, and she introduced the short program as a third part of the single men's and ladies' skating events, changing the scoring system.

Her main activity as chairperson of the ISU Figure Skating Technical Committee was concentrated on the instruction of the judges through international seminars and the fight against corruption in judging through severe sanctions against incompetent or unfair judges.

As the sport stands poised to make its biggest changes yet, in the wake of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic judging scandal, Sonia traces the history that has led to this moment and outlines, with the clarity of vision that has made her a legend, what must be done to save figure skating's future.